About the Best Portable Cooler or Refrigeration Trailers in the Industry

Rick Rivers is an expert when it comes to mobile refrigeration services and has been leading the industry since 1999. A former co-founder of Cold to Go, Rick established MobileCold.com in 2010 and began to service the industry while building the trailers from the ground up for sales and rentals. Our trailers are specifically built to be refrigerated trailers, not a converted cargo trailer and is located in Ormond Beach, Florida. Custom trailers are also available – MobileCold.com can build or design to any specifications that may be needed.

All MobileCold.com trailers are built without wood in them at all. Wood and moisture produce mildew and mold, which only cause repair bills and unnecessary expenses. MobileCold.com eliminates those headaches by utilizing state of the art refrigeration equipment and digitally controlled temperature settings. Most trailers are also powered by 110-volt, 20-ampere service.

MobileCold.com is also proud to say that we now a partner with many other forms of refrigeration, so tell us your needs and likes and we will get it done. These other units all use 110 power and offer plenty of programable features. is unit has all the bells and whistles that allow you ample refrigeration or cooler trailer space all on 110 power. Govi for example offers hot gas defrost allows the unit to cool for longer and more efficient periods. However, if you need a heavy-duty freezer, we can build that also, we upgrade the power requirements to 230 volt system. We have found the "right"  science… when you want it cold, we’re on the road! Copeland and Bohn offer a goods paring for your needs as well. 

Our mission to provide excellent customer service and quality rentals and sales to clients has made us the top portable refrigeration trailer company in the industry. With Rick's promise to sell you the best trailer at the most affordable price – you can be sure that not only will your needs be met, but you will save and make money, too!

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About MobileCold.com Owner, Rick Rivers

Rick and his wife, Susie, owned one of the largest florists in the country, climbing as high as a top 250 florist in the nation. Rick is also a successful business coach and has written two books about marketing. He currently travels the country teaching and coaching florists and small business owners how to effectively utilize marketing methods and increase business profits. In his first book, “Blooming at the Top, 12 Strategies to Double Your Sales,” Rick reveals several of the tips he has learned in his 30+ years in the floral industry, that can quickly increase revenue. His second book, tailored to small businesses, focuses on protecting sales and valuable customers. It is titled: “No Fishing in My Pond, A Blueprint to Protect Your Sales.” Learn more about Rick, his books click here.

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We can transport our blueberries with full confidence they will be in excellent condition on arrival.

- Dick Griffis, Griffis Farms,LLC

When special events come to town, MobileCold comes to us. Helping us to increase our sales and profits.

- Danny, Charlie Horse Saloon

This trailer will help us feed 5 families and make our lives easier.

- Abel, Great Lakes