Gallery Portable Refrigeration Trailer Pictures

A lot of us need to see it, before we believe it. Well, take a look for yourself. Each of the trailers is represented in the photo gallery below, so simply click through and take a look!

Many of the other makers will not show you pictures of trailers being built, why? They only want you to see the finished product. We want you to see why, ours is the best.

If you have great photos of your adventure with, we’d love to see them! Please simply email them to with a description of your event. We’ll select a few to feature on our site!

  • Custom 10'
  • New 6 x 12
  • New 6 x 12
  • New 6 x 10
  • New 6 x 12
  • Front refer
  • Flleet
  • 6 x 12 in action
  • 6 x 9 in action
  • 6 x 12
  • Dual rear doors
  • Dual doors
  • 1/2 opening
  • Diamond plate floor
  • Dual rear doors
  • High speed 110 fan
  • 110 fan
  • Diamond plate walls
  • Dual high speed fan
  • Electronic controls
  • Dual 3500k axles
  • Single open option
  • Tongue mounted
  • Generator plate
  • Generator plate
  • 6 x 9 sideview
  • Drain for models
  • Open wife side to side
  • Front look
  • Crush proof light
  • Compact high mount
  • Temp cage
  • Sleek inside/diamond floor
  • Rear view
  • Single 5k axle
  • Fan with controls
  • Side view
  • Light switch

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We can transport our blueberries with full confidence they will be in excellent condition on arrival.

- Dick Griffis, Griffis Farms,LLC

When special events come to town, MobileCold comes to us. Helping us to increase our sales and profits.

- Danny, Charlie Horse Saloon

This trailer will help us feed 5 families and make our lives easier.

- Abel, Great Lakes