5 Ways Cold Storage Can Work For You

Guest writer — Philip J Reed on behalf of Redstone College

When it comes to cold storage, you may wonder what it can do for you.  The fact is that cold storage offers a wide range of benefits to large numbers of people,and you may find that it can do you more good than you previously thought.  Here are just five examples of what cold storage does for us.

1)  Commercial Cold Storage
The food processing and food service areas are probably the most familiar examples of cold storage. Stored in large walk-in coolers or lockers, meat, dairy products and produce require refrigeration during their journey from field to table. Refrigerated trucks ships and even railroad cars guarantee fresh food for Americans in nearly every area of the country,and they can be particularly useful during disaster or other emergency situations as they can provide fast and important service to areas and regions that may be left without traditional refrigeration sources.

 2)  Health Care and Medical Cold Storage
Cold storage solutions are an integral part of most health care and research facilities. Many drugs and vaccines require refrigeration to maintain their effectiveness over a longer period of time, not to mention blood, live organs or other lifesaving components.  Even autopsy subjects need to be properly preserved.  Without cold storage, it’s safe to say that medicine and health care as we know them today would not exist.

 3)  Mobile Cold Storage
Mobile cold storage can address both needs above, as well as much, much more.  Refrigerated trailers are available for rent to the public,but mobile cold storage can also be found in ships, airplanes and trains, and they can provide excellent back-up cooling in case of equipment breakdown or power failures.  They can also be used to quickly expand refrigeration options for temporary needs, such as for large gatherings, events or festivals.  The possibilities are limitless, and the ability to have cold storage available whenever and wherever you need it can alleviate a great deal of problems and make large-scale planning far easier and more flexible.

4)  Office Cold Storage
While it may not be the first thing that comes to mind, air conditioning in an office is a type of refrigeration.  In fact, it’s used to keep people and equipment working at peak performance, and the cooling systems in computer rooms and other small areas that house fragile equipment can be just as important to the health of the company as medical cold storage is important to the health care industry. 

5)  Job Growth
Perhaps most interestingly, cold storage creates jobs, and in today’s economic climate, there are few things more desirable than that.  As demonstrated above, cold storage helps keeps various industries moving smoothly and efficiently.  By doing so, it allows room for those industries to grow, to branch out, and to ultimately employ more people.  The cold storage industry (as contained under the general HVAC umbrella) is expected to grow 28 percent from 2008 to 2018 according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.  A formal HVAC degree from an accredited school should provide excellent career opportunities for graduates, and the cold storage market should offer plenty of job opportunities for degree holders as a result.

Cold storage is one of the keys to the high standards of living enjoyed by Americans. As our population continues to grow, cold storage in its many forms will be required to fill an increasing demand.

As you can see, MobileCold refrigerated trailers have a wide range of uses and our prices allow affordability in todays market place. 

Thank you to Redstone College.

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