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We sell new trailers that can be customized to fit your exact needs and specifications.  Please allow 6-8 weeks to build if we are starting new for you.  

We are constantly in the building process and have trailers being started and finished.  Please call us at 386-672-0707 to find out more information and get a quote.

Where can I use my Cold To Go trailer? Does parking it on a slope cause problems?

Our 8′ and 12′ trailers can GO pretty much anywhere! Our customers love these because they are super quiet and you can get them into pretty much any location, from asphalt, to gravel, or grass. A gentle slope will not cause a problem, however for an exagerrated slop you may need to level the trailer in order for it to drain properly.

Can my Cold To Go trailer be used as both a fridge and a freezer?

Yes, some of our 8’ & 12’ trailers can be used as either a fridge or a freezer. When renting or buying, please specify which use you will need so that we can provide the proper trailer for your business.

Do you offer a warranty for purchase of new trailers?

We have an industry standard 365 day warranty on the trailer but have extended warranties available for the refrigeration system.

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We can transport our blueberries with full confidence they will be in excellent condition on arrival.

- Dick Griffis, Griffis Farms,LLC

When special events come to town, MobileCold comes to us. Helping us to increase our sales and profits.

- Danny, Charlie Horse Saloon

This trailer will help us feed 5 families and make our lives easier.

- Abel, Great Lakes