What A Busy Summer...

During this summer we launched our distributorships for the southeast, with many people showing interest. We were also very blessed this summer and sold a record number of trailers. Portable refrigeration is needed and despite the economy, we are able to still find buyers. We thank all of you who have called and inquired about our product. We find buyers because we build the best trailer in the industry. Our trailers have no wood in the trailer (like our competitors) so no worries on the issues of mold and mildew. The old saying, "you get what you pay for" is so right when it comes to a refrigerated trailer.

Recently while vacationing in Savannah, Georgia, a restaurant owner and I got to talking. I asked what prevented him from doing more business and he replied refrigeration. Being on the water-front area space is a premium. That's where we can help with portable coolers or cooler trailers. He showed me his refrigeration area and he had only one  6 x 10 walk-in for 2 restaurants to share. I showed him a flier of our trailers and he was shocked. He said, "I never knew this existed". So it looks like I will be returning to Savannah with a trailer in tow. Our trailers can make you money and are about 60% less than the costs of refrigerated trucks. While trucks might offer more room, the cost savings outweighs the extra room. So if you need a cooler trailer, portable freezer or mobile cooler, then we are the option for you. 

Feel free to call me at 386-547-9279 anytime. Thanks again for always supporting

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We can transport our blueberries with full confidence they will be in excellent condition on arrival.

- Dick Griffis, Griffis Farms,LLC

When special events come to town, MobileCold comes to us. Helping us to increase our sales and profits.

- Danny, Charlie Horse Saloon

This trailer will help us feed 5 families and make our lives easier.

- Abel, Great Lakes