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Very seldom does a company tell you how they can save you money, but at we do. Especially in today’s economy, people are really doing their homework about how to save and which company will help them do that. So you don’t have to search on how to save money on portable refrigeration, I will provide a great example.

Last week I sold a trailer to a young couple who had just started a new company. They will be transporting product in the Northeast and were just about to buy a “reefer truck” when they came across my blog. 

After several conversations they were amazed on how well I represented the facts and how to save them money. I told them 3 things to look for in a trailer:

  1. First, make sure your trailer has no wood in it. 
  2. Second, make sure your dealing with a licensed and reputable company
  3. Third, look for shortcuts in construction that could create issues for you.

They had looked at purchasing used and new trucks. They realized real early that it would take $40,000 or better new or $20,000 for used truck. I sold them a 6 month old “cooler trailer” for under $10,000.  Wow, they saved a ton of money and that trailer will always show up for work!!

So, there you have it! Trailers made by can save you thousands of dollars allowing you to make a greater profit. Oh, I forgot the mention about the insurance. Trucks require expensive insurance - because of the weight of the trucks - but trailers require very little. 

Money saved is money made. 

Be blessed and thanks for all the sales. 

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