Nothing Like Saving Money!

I got a phone call today from someone who has rented from us several times. She stated that our refrigerated trailers make her so much money and attributed to over $5,000 that we have added to her bottom line for a $500 rental during her last rental. 

In marketing terms, that is a 90% ROI (return on investment).  Some people are afraid to spend the money and others aren’t. Those who profit and move ahead are usually the ones that know that space help creates capacity. 

Being in business is a pretty easy formula, profit is what you have left over after demand meets capacity. So, I guess we’re in the capacity business. 

When you book a trailer with it’s so easy to use - “even a caveman can do it”. Just park, plug and profit! It’s so quiet, you’ll never know it's outside your doors. All trailers run on 110v power and our standard size is 6 x 12. 

All trailers are equipped with digital controls to allow you to get your perfect setting. So when you need capacity, think of us and call 386.672.0707. 

Susie and I are committed to your community and your business.

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We can transport our blueberries with full confidence they will be in excellent condition on arrival.

- Dick Griffis, Griffis Farms,LLC

When special events come to town, MobileCold comes to us. Helping us to increase our sales and profits.

- Danny, Charlie Horse Saloon

This trailer will help us feed 5 families and make our lives easier.

- Abel, Great Lakes