Blog To Offer Franchises will begin offering “franchises or distributorships” in the summer of 2011!  

Rick and Susie have been working on this plan for a long time and think it’s time to move forward.  Several ads will appear in the month of May in several money magazines and on various “franchise websites”. 

Three levels of franchise/distributorships will be offered to meet anyone's budget level for entry into the program.  Over 60% of America, depend on some form of refrigeration, so why not assist them with their needs?  In addition to that, the festival market will double this year and that’s one area where our trailers are needed the most.  

Some months we get over one hundred calls by people looking for portable refrigeration, but being in Florida we can’t help. So our answer is to franchise.  When I started in the portable refrigeration business in 1999, I had no idea how it would grow into this!

Just this week we had 2 inquires from the Middle East countries and many South American countries have just opened their borders to refrigerated trailers.  For years, items like this were not allowed into the countries or on their roadways.

As economies grow and change, so do their needs. I think the next 10 years will bring some growth for everyone involved.  So if you're interested, click here and I can send you a package.  Thanks for taking the time to read our blog.  

Be blessed.

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