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It's Hot Again Here in Florida... Hi gang, this is Rick from, the industry's leader in portable refrigeration. Are you as hot where you are as we are? ...Florida is getting hotter by the day. But the good news is can help all of ... Read More

What A Year... I love the start of every new year. It’s a time when many of us can make changes or set goals for our future year. This year is no exception. Last year the portable refrigeration business or cooler trailer building was very good to me and ... Read More

What A Busy Summer... During this summer we launched our distributorships for the southeast, with many people showing interest. We were also very blessed this summer and sold a record number of trailers. Portable refrigeration is needed and despite the econ... Read More

First Trade Show took part in its first trade show on March 31st and April 1st in Jacksonville, Florida.  The show was the Northeast Franchise Expo and hosted over 50 vendors with many great ideas. We had  a steady flow through the ... Read More

A New Year and New Vision Every year I sit down and attempt to get my goals in order. For the upcoming year, one of my goals is to sell twice the trailers from last year. We build a cooler trailer that is far superior to any other refrigerated trailer that... Read More

5 Ways Cold Storage Can Work For You Guest writer — Philip J Reed on behalf of Redstone College When it comes to cold storage, you may wonder what it can do for you.  The fact is that cold storage offers a wide range of benefits to large numbers of people,and you may fi... Read More

Holidays Are Almost Here Every year we get many calls for rentals of trailers for hams and turkeys. Food vendors, business owners, churches, etc. all call needing extra space. During the holidays, it’s a time for us to share with each other and give thanks fo... Read More

Booklets Are Flying Out! In my last blog, I told you that areas for our new “distributorship” are now available. Our booklet has been requested by over 24 people and calls have come from Florida to Canada! Please, “Send me a booklet!" Th... Read More

Pick Your Area Now! In every company, exciting changes come about and we at are at that point.Our ”distributorship” program will be released all across the America by mid-summer and we are very excited. Myself and in-house ... Read More To Offer Franchises will begin offering “franchises or distributorships” in the summer of 2011!  Rick and Susie have been working on this plan for a long time and think it’s time to move forward.  Several ads will appear i... Read More

Know What You Are Buying In today’s world of pictures, it’s very easy to be deceived by pictures. I sold a trailer last week and the girl who purchased our trailer said the reason she bought from us was because our site was “consistent and looked ... Read More

I Can Save You Money... Very seldom does a company tell you how they can save you money, but at we do. Especially in today’s economy, people are really doing their homework about how to save and which company will help them do that. So you don... Read More

Nothing Like Saving Money! I got a phone call today from someone who has rented from us several times. She stated that our refrigerated trailers make her so much money and attributed to over $5,000 that we have added to her bottom line for a $500 rental during her la... Read More

Double Expansion Next Year!! All indications are that the economy will begin to improve somewhat in 2011. We at have been so blessed this year for the ability to sell some trailers and for the many rentals also. For 2011, we are expanding to the north and sou... Read More

Don't Be Left Out In The Cold As the holidays approach us, we have several things to be thankful for. I have a great family, great friends and a support system through people who share the same passion as I do. For this, I am blessed. On a business front, we’ve h... Read More

Keep Those Turkeys Cold I got my first call today from a vendor who sells turkeys. She stated, “I’ve gotta keep my turkey’s cold." We both had a good laugh and then went on to the issue at hand. She needs a portable cooler, refrige... Read More

Our Trailers Are Built Tough The phone rang the other day at the office and a very soft voice was on the other end that said she was a potential buyer for a refrigerated trailer or cooler trailer or freezer trailer. But she had some questions. Her main question was, &l... Read More

Calling All Florists and Event Planners When I walked out to get the paper this morning, I noticed the air getting a little cooler. That’s great news for those of us who live in warm states. But the coolness also brought to mind portable refrigerated cooler and portable ref... Read More

Calling All Restaurants! My wife and I were out at one of our favorite eating holes the other night, when suddenly the owner came running toward our table. He had a look of panic on his face. He stopped at the table and said, “My cooler just went down, can you help us?... Read More

When It's Hot - We're Not! I walked outside to get into my car while I was talking to someone who wanted to rent a trailer. As I got in my vehicle I noticed the temperature outside was 102 degrees, wow! I realized that it’s going to be a hot summer. Our custome... Read More

Portable Refrigeration a Good Thing! People ask me all the time, what is portable refrigeration?  After I explain it to them they begin to tell me of all the uses they could see for it. From extra space, to emergency issues, is here to help. Rick has been servin... Read More

Are You Ready For A Disaster? While speaking at a disaster meeting this week, I was shocked that the majority of the people in attendance had no plan in place for a disaster. A hurricane, fire, flood or a tornado are just some of the disasters that can harm us. At MobileCold... Read More

To Buy or Not to Buy? When you find yourself in need of extra portable refrigeration, the experts of  are ready to help. Over the past 11 years people contact us not really knowing if they should buy or rent. At we offer ... Read More

Keep Your Stuff Cool This Summer... Keep your stuff cool this summer with MobileCold portable refrigeration and freezer trailers. These trailers are top quality and heavy-duty, yet versatile enough to tow behind your pick-up truck to wherever you need it!Cools to 10 degrees on standard... Read More

When It's Hot, We're Cool. No matter how hot it gets outside, our mobile refrigeration and freezer trailers will keep your stuff cold.   The convenient 10′ and 12′ size make them easy to transport where needed, and their quality, heavy-duty construction a... Read More

Bring Us To Your Next Cook Off Don’t leave the job to ice chests, we supply on site  mobile refrigerated storage for all your perishable goods.   Sturdy, heavy duty coolers and freezers on wheels to take with you wherever your event is.MobileCold spe... Read More

More About and Our Fleet of Trailers We sell new trailers that can be customized to fit your exact needs and specifications.  Please allow 6-8 weeks to build if we are starting new for you.  We are constantly in the building process and have trailers being started and finished... Read More

Frequently Asked Questions... What areas do you service? Do you provide delivery and/or pick-up? Our drivers originate from Daytona Beach, Florida and deliver nationwide. We have supported Superstar concerts and other events all across North America. The longer the rental period... Read More

More FAQ's Answered What features are available on your trailers? Our new trailers have several great features to match their clean look. Electronic temperature controls inside a lockable box, a heavy-duty front jack and fold out rear stabilizer jacks, tandem 5000 lb. ... Read More

What Makes Our Trailers Best “Just Park & Start” usability: just hook up, cool down, load, and go! 8’ &12ft trailers are both 110 and 220 volt ready Generators Available Thermostatically Controlled Insulated interiors Easy loading ground-level ent... Read More

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We can transport our blueberries with full confidence they will be in excellent condition on arrival.

- Dick Griffis, Griffis Farms,LLC

When special events come to town, MobileCold comes to us. Helping us to increase our sales and profits.

- Danny, Charlie Horse Saloon

This trailer will help us feed 5 families and make our lives easier.

- Abel, Great Lakes